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Complexities of Neurological disorders are overcome in this modern era with the help of ultramodern technologies. Yet, Precise diagnosis and accurate surgery are indispensable for complete cure and healing. The department of Neurosurgery at AMALA IMS is well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology, supervised by dexterous senior neurosurgical specialists, who are cognoscente in Cerebrovascular, Neurodegenerative, and Demyelinating surgeries.


  • Well equipped Neurosurgery ICU with non invasive monitors and ventilators and bedside Infusion pumps with trained nursing staff.
  • Most modern exclusive operating microscope
  • Drill system for cranial and spinal surgery
  • Facilities for all cranial and spinal microsurgery
  • Facilities for endoscopic surgery
  • Transsphenoidal surgery
  • Neurology
  • 128 slice CT for CT brain angiogram
  • 1.5 tesla MRI scan
  • PET scan, Brain angiogram
  • Neuro oncology with 2 linear accelerators with facilities for radio surgery


Multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment of brain, spine and peripheral nerve disorders

State-of-the-art diagnosis and care of brain and spine injury patients

Dedicated neurocritical care facilitities for critically ill neurological patients

Microneurosurgery for brain and spine tumours

Shunting for hydrocephalus

Treatment of spinal disc diseases- Laminectomy/ Discectomy

Fixation procedures for spine

Decompressivecraniectomy, Craniotomy, Cranioplasty surgeries

Surgeries for depressed fracture elevation

Brain surgeries for hypertensive bleeds,Microneurosurgery for brain aneurysms and AVMs

Endoscopic treatment for pituitary tumours, CSF leak, brain and spine disorders,Shunting/endoscopic procedures for Hydrocephalus

Pediatric head injury and tumour surgeries,Craniosynostosis

Nerve release surgeries,Perineural analgesia


Dr. Suresh Kumar S

Professor & HOD

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Dr. Anoob Mohamed

Assistant Professor

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