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Professor & HOD
Qualification Specialization Institution Year of Passing
MBBS Medical College,Calicut 1982
MD Dermatology Venerology and Leoprosy Medical College,Kottayam 1991
Designation Institution Tenure
Tutor Medical College, Thrissur 1 Year 2 Months
Senior Resident Medical College, Kottayam 2 Years 5 Months
Senior Resident Medical College, Thrissur 3 Years 5 Months
Assistant Professor Medical College, Thrissur 11 Years 1 Month
Associate Professor Amala Institute of Medical Sciences,Thrissur 4 Years
Professor Amla Institute of Medical Sciences,Thrissur 12 Years 5 Months
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Award/Achievements Award Provider Year
Teacher par Excellence Award IADVL , India 2013
  • Psoriasis and acute Coronary syndrome
  • Psoriasis and metabolic syndromes
  • Study of efficacy, safety of Eberconazole 1% (Ebernet) in the treatment of Pityriasisversicolor
  • Evaluation of pH of bathing soaps and shampoo for skin and hair care.
  • Study of cutaneous vasculitis - to predict systemic involvement based on clinical, histopathological and immunoflourescence studies.
  • Prevalence, characteristics and severity of non- alcoholic fatty liver disease in patients with chronic plaque psoriasis
  • Relationship between serum 25- hydroxyl vitamin D and metabolic syndrome in psoriatic patients
  • A study on quality of life of patients with acne, before and after treatment with modified fixed low dose isotretinoin regimen
  • A study on relationship between severity of acne and body mass index of patients with acne
  • A study of carotid intima media thickness (CIMT) in psoriasis, psoriasis with metabolic syndrome and coronary artery disease(CAD)
  • Comparative analysis of pores and sebum in females aged twenty – twenty two years with and without having acne
  • A 10 year retrospective analysis of clinicopathological correlation of mastocytosis cases
  • A 10 year retrospective analysis of clinicopathological correlation of cutaneous vasculitis cases
  • Study of clinicoepidemiology of diaper dermatitis and effect of hindmilk on healing of diaper dermatitis
  • Dermatological profile of the patients with psychogenic excoriations
  • Study of assessment of the helminth load in psoriasis patients
  • MMR therapy in genital warts
  • Treatment of keloids with intralesional therapy and CO2 laser
  • Study of cardiac muscle involvement in psoriatic patients – A case control study
  • A comparative analysis of wrinkling in dermatological diseases
  • Acanthosisnigricans on face as biomarker of atherosclerosis in healthy subjects
  • A study on clinical profile of acne keloidalisnuchae among people attending a tertiary care centre in Kerala
  • Prevalence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children with atopic dermatitis
  • Study on “Usefulness of elastography in assessing liver damage and compare with USG of liver and biochemical parameters in psoriatic patients treated with methotrexate"
  • Evaluation of skin thickness using ultra sonography in adults with type II diabetes mellitus
  • A complete Hansen’s examination device
  • Association between pediatric psoriasis and Insulin resistance
  • Use and adherence of finger tip unit among dermatologists of Kerala
  • Comparative analysis of water immersion induced hand wrinkling in dermatological diseases
  • Prevalence of mask induced dermatoses among outpatients, bystanders and healthcare workers in a tertiary care centre in the setting of COVID 19.