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Assistant Professor
Qualification Specialization Institution Year of Passing
MBBS Amala Institute of Medical Sciences,Thrissur 2012
MD Medical Physiology A J Institute of medical sciences 2016
BCCPM Palliative Medicine Institute Of Palliative Medicine ,Thrissur 2016
NFPM Palliative Medicine IPM Calicut 2020
Designation Institution Tenure
Assistant Professor Amala Institute of Medical Sciences, Thrissur 01.11.2016 – Till date
  • John RL. Scrotal centesis: due to Anasarca in an end-stage Pancreatic cancer patient. Indian J Palliative Care. 119.2022.

A Comparative study on the clinical efficacy of Midazolam, Haloperidol, and their combination in patients with terminal delirium in advanced malignancy.

A comparative study between sublingual Buprenorphine and oral Tramadol in the management of moderate pain in cancer patients.