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Epidemiology & Immunisation

Qualification Specialization Institution Year of Passing
MD Community Medicine Govt.Medical College, Calicut 1997
Designation Institution Tenure
Professor Amala Institute of Medical Sciences,Thrissur 2013 Onwards
Associate Professor Amala Institute of Medical Sciences,Thrissur 2009-2013
Assistant Professor Amala Institute of Medical Sciences, Thrissur 2008-2009
Senior Lecturer Govt.Medical College, Calicut 1997-2001
Junior Resident Govt.Medical College, Calicut 1993-1996
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  • UNICEF Project on “State of World’s Children” – 2009
  • AMALA-UNICEF Project on Capacity building of medical colleges to the timely achievement of targets related to MCH Care in MDG’s – 2010
  • UNICEF Project on HIV/AIDS awareness programme for college students of Kerala State – 2010
  • UNICEF Project on Facts for Life – 2011