Do u feel the most alive when you are out there on the football pitch? Do you feel at home when you are at the volleyball court? Do you feel like your days’ worries are slipping away when you're at the batting crease? Does a Slam dunk make you feel ecstatic? And of course sports is not all about the one's who are playing, it's also about the people who are cheering on and supporting them. So if watching sports, be it anything from chess to football, badminton to cricket, table tennis to basket ball, gives you that adrenaline rush, then this is the right place for you. So, we have put forward a beautiful initiative to unite all the sports  enthusiasts and get themselves lost in the world of sports.

Co ordinators
: Akhil Raj Premarajan

  Suvarna P
: Abhinav P

  Edwin Titi