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Amala Institute of Medical Sciences

(NABH Accredited and ISO 9001 2015 Certified)

Amala Nagar PO, Thrissur, Kerala, INDIA - 680555


Department promotes knowledge of how the human body functions through a detailed study of cells, organs and systems. A thorough knowledge of the physiological mechanisms regulating normal function is essential to understand the pathophysiology of the underlying diseases.


Academic Programmes:

» Undergraduate programme includes: Providing comprehensive training in experimental and clinical physiology. The faculty of the department of physiology pertains to more applied and clinically-oriented teaching to provide an objective-oriented learning. Along with this, seminars are being conducted for the students.

» Training of B.Sc. Nursing students on basic physiology along with demonstration of haematology experiments and seminars.

» Postgraduate programme includes extensive training of Post Graduate students of different faculties of medicine in basic sciences and enable them to incorporate the tools and techniques of physiology with other disciplines and to conduct research at the molecular, cellular, organ and whole body level.

Other Activities:

» As part of the CME programme, the faculty of department of physiology conducted a scientific programme "Memory - From mind to molecules" in the month of January 2008. The scientific sessions included the physiological, pathological, pharmacological and research aspects of memory. Eminent speakers from various specialities had attended the scientific programme.

» The faculty had participated in the Guest lecture series conducted by department of medicine and have extended their expertise for the same.

» Faculty attended CME and conference in the state and national level.

» Research activities:
1. The faculty and UG students presented papers and posters at different conferences in state and national levels.
2. Faculty published articles in reputed medical journals.
3. Funded projects like ICMR is undertaken by the faculty.
4. Faculty had participated in Guest Lectures at different conferences in State/National Level and also in other universities.

» Faculty participated in guest Lecture series on value added education to undergraduate students.

Faculty Details

NameDesignationPG Qualification
and year
Post PG
Date of Birth
Dr. Bindu C BProfessor and HODMD Physiology 200412 Years 6 Months30.04.1970
Dr. Lilly PushpamProfessorMD Physiology 199712.05.1958
Dr. Tinju JamesAssociate ProfessorMD Physiology 20151 Year 3 Months30.05.1985
Dr. Rakesh L. JohnAssistant ProfessorMD Physiology 2016Nil30.03.1986
Dr. Arun K PrakashAssistant ProfessorMD Physiology
Ms. Doniya Joson CTutorM.Sc. Medical Physiology 20086 Years 7 Months08.02.1985
Dr. Nayana SunilTutorMBBS
Dr. Geethu Krishna C.G.TutorMBBS

Dr.Anand R.Dharwadkar

UG & PG examiner in various Universities like KUD, RGUHS, NTRUHS, MUHS, KUHS, GOA, etc. Dissertations for MD Exam. "Study of growth of preschool children in Urban slums in Bijapur" - by Dr. S M Patil (2007). "Influence of Cigarette Smoking on Human Cardio Vascular Autonomic Functions" - by Dr. M J Patil (2008). "A study on assessment of Cardiovascular Autonomic functions in different age groups." - by Dr. Srilaxmi Bagali (2009). "Study of glycemic status and cardiovascular Autonomic functions in the offsprings of Type 2 Diabetic Parents." - by Sangeetha Thoppad.(2010).Position held : Member of Board of studies 2006-2009 RGUHS. Chairman of Scientific research society 2008-2009 BLDEU. Chairman Board of Studies (Physiology) 2008 -2011 BLDEU. Member of Academic council of BLDEU, 2008 -2011. APPI life member, since 2000. SRS life member, since 1995. PG teacher selection committee member, Goa University. Consultancy / Extension activities : Written articles & books on sex education.

Dr. Asha A Dharwadkar

UG & PG examiner in various Universities like KUD, RGUHS, NTRUHS, MUHS, KUHS, GOA, etc. Positions Held : Member of ethical committee AIMS - 2014. Member of Board of studies 2008-2011 BLDEU. Member of core committee of Medical education cell - 2006-2011 BLDEU. APPI life member, since 2000. SRS life member, since 1995. Chairman of standing committee for health, CMC, Bagalkot 1985 -89. Consultancy / Extension activities : Written articles & books on sex education.

Dr. Bindu C B

Dr. Madhura V Motagi

MBBS from B M Patil Medical College, Bijapur, Karnataka in 2006. MD Physiology from St. John's Medical College, Bengaluru in 2010.(Both comes under the Rajeev Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS)). Life time member of Journal IJPP.


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  • CME / Workshop / Quiz

    Name of CME / Workshop / Quiz Theme/Subject Date of Conduct Credit Hours
    Sleep and related disorders Sleep 28.10.2017 2