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Amala Institute of Medical Sciences

(NABH Accredited and ISO 9001 2015 Certified)

Amala Nagar PO, Thrissur, Kerala, INDIA - 680555

Peripheral Vascular Surgery

The department of VASCULAR AND ENDOVASCUALR SURGERY offers a comprehensive vascular service to diagnose and treat vascular diseases-
1. Arterial occlusive diseases-TAO, PVOD, Vasculitis
2. Aneurysms of vascular tree (aortic, peripheral, except intracranial)
3. Venous diseases- DVT-medical, Thrombolysis
4. Varicose veins- Iliac Stenting, Endovenous laser ablation, Varicose vein surgery
5. Hemodialysis access surgery
6. Diabetic foot care-preventive care, Treatment of infections, debridements, Amputations, wound care, skin grafts.

A highly qualified and experienced team of dedicated vascular surgeons are available 24 hours a day. The latest "state-of-the-art" technology and equipments are available.

The outpatient department has facility to take care of all office vascular procedures including venous screening, ABI, Biothesiometry and wound care. It is supported by trained staff including staff nurses, blood draw facilities, full fledged procedure rooms, X-ray machines, ultra sound equipments etc. The department is supported by the radiology department, which has all the modern equipment including CT and MRI Vascular radiology.

Ultra sound machine: The department has an ultra sound machine apart from the facility available in radiology to do ultra sound guided procedures like guided Access, Perioperative vascular imaging.

The department shares with cardiology, the cath lab suite for doing procedures like peripheral angiogram, angioplasty, TEVAR, EVAR.

OP Timing

Diabetic Foot Clinic: Monday, Thursday, Saturday: 1.00PM to 4.00PM

PVD / Aneurysm Clinic: Monday : 9.00AM to 12.00Noon

Wound Care Clinic: 1.00PM to 4.00PM

Laser Vein Clinic: Thursday: 9.00AM to 12.00Noon

List of Services Provided:


  • Outpatient and in-patient care
  • Emergency care
  • Surgical care

Procedures performed:

» Arterial: Occlusive disease-

» Acute: Diagnosis by USG
Assessment of fitness for further procedures
Cardiac workup.
Peripheral Angiograms/CT angiograms/MRA


Revascularization by medical measures like Thrombolytic, heparin and supportive medications, surgical Embolectomy, bypass and/or peripheral angioplasty and selective stenting according to the clinical scenario.

» Chronic Peripheral Vascular disease:

Diagnosis_ ABI, Doppler evaluation
Assessment of fitness for further procedures
Cardiac workup.
Peripheral Angiograms/CT angiograms/MRA.


Revascularization by surgical bypass and/or peripheral angioplasty and selective stenting (Except Coronary and intracranial)
Medical Treatment with Antiplatelet, Supportive drugs and prostaglandins.

» Arterial: Aneurysms:
(Excludes: Coronary and intracranial)
Diagnosis_ assessing need for further treatment
Assessment of fitness for further procedures
Cardiac workup (CAG).
CT Aorto-grams, angiograms/MRA.


Surgical repair or endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR, TEVAR)

» AV Access Surgery for Hemodialysis patients:

Emergency or elective Access creation for Hemodialysis –
Doppler evaluation AV access site selection
Central venous catheters (USG guided)
Tunneled catheters
AV fistula and AV graft surgeries

» Venous Occlusive disease:

» Acute Deep Vein thrombosis:

Medical Treatment with heparin and Oral anticoagulation
Thrombolysis, CDT for Proximal DVT-medical

» Chronic Iliac vein Occlusive Disease/ May Thurnersynd:

Iliac venoplasty and stenting

» Varicose veins:

Compression therapy-
4 layer bandages, Sequential compression therapy
Endovenous Laser Ablation (1470nm laser)
Surgery for Varicose veins
Foam /liquid Sclerotherapy

» Diabetic Foot care:

» Preventive care:

Care of foot, neuropathy, Ischemic foot assessments, Risk factor control, preventive foot care counseling and foot care education & counseling


Treatment of infections, debridement, Amputations followed by limb salvage surgery/ wound care, Skin grafting.

» Lymphedema and AV malformations:

Assessment and medical treatment, surgical in selected few patients.

Faculty Details

NameDesignationPG Qualification
and Year
Date of Birth
Dr. Rajesh AntoSr. Consultant vascular surgeonMS (General surgery) 2003,PDCC 200831-05-1974
Dr. V.GopakumarSr. Consultant CVTS surgeon MS, Mch CVTS, DNB
Dr. Ajay KumarSr. Consultant CVTS surgeonMS, Mch CVTS
Dr. Sethu Mohan KSenior Resident