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Medical Social Work

Medical Social Worker plays a unique role in the hospital community, by being an important link between the patients and the health care team- comprising of doctors, nurses, and other health professionals, and there by providing comprehensive health care. Our vision is to provide total approach to healing by integrating physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of life. Medical social workers assess psychological functioning of the patients and families and intervene as necessary. Intervention may include, connecting patients and families to necessary resources and support in the community, providing psychotherapy, supportive counselling, grief counselling and helping patients to expand and strengthen their network of social support.


The department provides a range of supportive services to patients, families and those affected by illness and hospitalization. Medical social workers are posted in almost all departments of the medical college and they assess the patients independently and also as part of the team and offer appropriate services. They include:

Psychosocial Assessment
Psychosocial assessment includes assessment of patient's social, emotional, and environmental circumstances. It helps the medical social workers to assess the impact of illness on patient or his / her family and plan appropriate support.

Information / Health Education
Medical social workers provide health education to the patients and bystanders about the disease, treatment and prevention.

Some of the patients or their relatives need in-depth counselling and emotional support to help them overcome, or, if not, to accept their problem. The counselling is focused on adjustment and coping strategies in relation to life crisis such as serious illness/trauma or bereavement.

Crisis intervention
Medical social workers provide crisis intervention especially in case of medical emergencies, admission to intensive care, and in situations such as sudden death of patients.

Group work
Forms homogenous and heterogeneous groups of patients and bystanders, and conducts group work to improve their coping capacity, to educate about illness and treatment, to provide an opportunity for mutual sharing and ventilation of feelings, and to provide recreation.

Networks with different governmental and nongovernmental organizations to mobilize resources for the benefit of poor patients.

Other Activities

Arogyajalakam, which means window of knowledge, is a project undertaken by social work department. Every month, awareness classes are conducted on relevant topics for the patients and public by experts in the fields.

Community outreach programmes
Conduct free medical camps for the early detection and prevention of diseases in the community level Provide health education at schools, panchayaths and local bodies and religious institutions.Conducts rallies, exhibitions and other methods of propaganda to raise public awareness about health and social issues.

Provides training to social work students of various universities and organises workshops and seminars in and out side the campus on a regular basis.

National conference
The department Conducts Annual National Conference on medical social work. The theme of the National Conference in 2010 was An out look on Medical Social Work and in 2011, it is Medical Social Work, a field in transition; bringing together the ideology, theory, and practice.

List of Non-Teaching Staff

» Fr. Thomas Vazhakkala CMI, Chairman, Conference Committee
» Mr. John Paul P K, HOD, Social Work Department
» Ms. Shimna E S, Medical Social Worker
» Mr. Saneesh Varghese, Medical Social Worker
» Ms. Nikitha V C, Medical Social Worker
» Ms. Ponny Susan Thomas, Medical Social Worker
» Ms. Jesna Jose Arikadan, Medical Social Worker
» Ms. Anjitha Sreedharan, Medical Social Worker
» Ms. Mallika B Anil, Medical Social Worker
» Ms. Desy Joseph, Medical Social Worker