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Amala Institute of Medical Sciences

(NABH Accredited and ISO 9001 2015 Certified)

Amala Nagar PO, Thrissur, Kerala, INDIA - 680555


Dermatology, an essential part of medical science is making sky-high advances thus remaining at par with other specialties. The dermatology department at Amala strives to make fruitful contribution to this growing field.

OP Timing

All working days - 8 AM to 4 PM

Speciality Clinics - Hair clinic on Thursdays, Pediatric Dermatology clinic on Fridays, and Acne clinic on Saturdays


Well-trained staff caters to the needs of Out Patient (OP) as well as In Patients (IP). Department undertakes undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. The department has Skin ICU for seriously ill patients, two well-equipped Operation Theatre (OT). Laser surgery and photo therapy facilities.


» Phototherapy
» Patch testing
» Vitiligo surgeries
» Dermabrasion
» Microdermabrasion
» Cryosurgery
» Radiofrequency
» Chemical peeling
» Iontophoresis
» Laser treatment
» Electrolysis
» Excision of various skin tumors
» Trichoscopy
» Dermascopy


National Paediatric Dermatology Conference was held in November 2007. More than 500 Dermatologists and Pediatricians from different parts of the country participated in the event.

This institute is recognized as a Center for Dermatological Training by the IADVL. The department provides dermatosurgery training for dermatologists once a year.

Amala Gold Medal exam for postgraduates in the field of dermatology is held in the month of June every year. Eight such examinations have been conducted till date with overwhelming reponse.

Clinical dermatology training for upcoming dermatologists is conducted regularly.

"Dermpath Classroom" - 3 days training programme for Post Graduate students of Dermatology from all over India. Two such programmes have been conducted till date.

"Advance in Dermatology" - a CME on recent development in the field of dermatology, is conducted every two years.

Amala Dermatology Oration is conducted every two years wherein eminent dermatologists from various parts of the country are invited for oration.

Regular Clinical Researches

Faculty Details

NameDesignationPG Qualification
and Year
Post PG
Teaching Experience
Date of Birth 
Dr. Sebastian Criton V JProfessor & HODMD Derm. & Ven. 199127 years & 1 months16-05-1956Profile
Dr. Abel FrancisProfessorMD Derm. & Ven. 199412 years & 8 months07-09-1964Profile
Dr. Mohamed NazeerAssociate ProfessorMD Derm. & Ven. 19976 years08-05-1965Profile
Dr. Anitta SebastianAssistant ProfessorDNB 201211years 5 months25-02-1969Profile
Dr. Rasmi Mary PhilipSenior ResidentDNB 20109 years06-09-1974Profile
Dr. Roshan Mary GeorgeSenior ResidentMD Derm. & Ven. 2019 29-05-1989Profile
Dr. Anjali Rose JoseJunior ResidentMBBS 2017..13-07-1992Profile
Dr. Sruthi MohananJunior ResidentMBBS 2017..06-06-1994Profile
Dr. Twaseem P.M.Junior ResidentMBBS 2017..20-08-1993Profile
Dr. Anjala P ThankachanJunior ResidentMBBS..Profile
Dr. Meekha Cizly JamesJunior ResidentMBBS..Profile
Dr. Megha Merri AlexJunior ResidentMBBS..Profile
Dr. Adarsh VijayakumarJunior ResidentMBBS ..Profile
Dr. Angela Merici AlenJunior ResidentMBBS ..Profile
Dr. Sanjana JoyJunior ResidentMBBS ..Profile
Dr. Sourabhya Sivan VSJunior ResidentMBBS ..Profile
Dr. Arun V PJunior ResidentMBBS ..Profile

Dr. Sebastian Criton V J

Positions held :

1. Junior doctor in Orthopedics (St. Joseph's Hospital, Choondal, Thrissur
2. Junior Doctor (St. Joseph's Hospital, Vellad, Kannur)
3. Senior Resident in Internal Medicine (Calicut Medical College)
4. General practitioner (Own, Vettichira, Malappuram)
5. Tutor in Dermatology & Venereology (Thrissur & Kottayam Govt. Medical College)
6. Lecturer in Dermatology & Venereology (Thrissur Medical College)
7. Assistant Professor (Thrissur Medical College)
8. Associate Professor (Dept. of Dermatology, Amala Institute of Medical Sciences)
9. Professor & Head (Dept. of Dermatology, Amala Institute of Medical Sciences)

Academic :

1. More than 50 publications in National & International Journals
2. Contributed chapters in API Textbook of Medicine and IADVL Textbook of Dermatology and venereology
3. Invited faculty for various State, National & International Seminars & Symposia
4. Chairpersons for various conferences
5. Editor of Kerala Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology
6. Editor of Indian Journal of Paediatric Dermatology

Non Academic :

1. Past President - IADVL , Kerala Chapter
2. Past Secretary - IADVL , Kerala Chapter
3. National Vice-President, ISPD
4. Secretary IMA, Thrissur

Awards :

1. Fellowship of Asia Academy of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology
2. "Teacher par Excellence" - 2013

Dr. Abel Francis

Special Interest : Trichology Amala Hair Clinic In-charge

Membership : IMA, IADVL, CSI, ACSI

Dr. Mohamed Nazeer K V

Positions held: Senior Lecturer in Plastic Surgery, Medical college, Thrissur
Consultant Dermatologist - Westfort Hospital, Thrissur

Membership : IADVL

Dr. Rashmi Mary Philip

Positions held: Lecturer in Plastic Surgery, Thrissur Medical College (2004-2005)
Junior Resident, Dept. of Dermatology, Amala Institute of Medical Sciences (2006-2010)
Senior Resident, Dept. of Dermatology, Amala Institute of Medical Sciences (2010-2012)

Membership : IADVL

Dr. Anitta Shojan

Positions held: Consultant Dermatologist, Thrissur District Co-operative Hospital & Elite Mission Hospital

Membership : IADVL, ISPD, CSI
Special interest: Acne, Dermato Surgery


  • George R M, Nazeer M, Criton S, Abraham UM, Francis A. Clinicopathological analysis of basal cell carcinoma – A retrospective study.J Skin Sex Transm Dis 2021; 3(1) : 51-5.
  • Buch J Y, Criton S. Dermascopy Saga – A tale of 5 countries. Indian J of Dermatol 2021; 66: 174 -8.
  • Ravindran S, Criton S, Surendran D. A heterozygous Missense Mutation of CARD14 gene in a case of Netherton – like syndrome. Indian J PeadiatrDermatol 2021; 22 : 267 -70.
  • Ravindran Surya & Antony Jason Augustine &Ankith K & Sebastian Criton. Physiological water immersion induced hand wrinkling in medical students. JOJ Dermatol&Cosmetol 2020; 2(3) 42-45.
  • Buch J Y, Criton S. Trichoscopic findings in normal hair and scalp in children under 17 yrs .Int J Trichol 2019; 11: 189-98.
  • Nazeer M, Ravindran S, Gangadharan G, Criton S. A survey of treatment practices in management of psoriasis patients among Dermatologists in Kerala. Indian Dermatol Online J . 2019; 10: 437-40.
  • Abel Francis ,Nithu B Johns, S Criton. Trichoscopic findings to determine disease activity in patients with alopecia areata. Indian J Appl Res. 2019; 9: 60-61.
  • Nazeer M, Rashmi Philip. Study of toilet seat dermatitis in pediatric age groups. Indian J Appl Res. 2019; Vol . 9. Issue 8.
  • Abel Francis ,Haseena Hassan C K. Correlation of atherosclerosis with acanthosisnigricans of temporal region of face compared to neck. International Journal of Contemporary Medical research 2019; 6(8): H1-H4.
  • Abel Francis ,Roshan G , Nazeer M. Study of prevalence of premature graying of hair among school – going children aged between 5-15 years. Indian J Applied research 2019.
  • Abel Francis, Anitta Shojan. Comedogenecity of oils. International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research 2019; 6(8) : H5 – H7.
  • CME / Workshop / Quiz

    Name of CME / Workshop / Quiz Theme/Subject Date of Conduct Credit Hours
    Basic dermatosurgery techniques Dermatosurgery  11th November 2018 Nil
    Quiz for undergraduates   Psoriasis 29th October 2018  

    Award / Prizes

    Name of Receiver Type of Award Award Provider Year      

    Title of research paper, if applicable

    Dr. Surya Ravindran  First prize National IADVL conference  2018 Dermatological concerns of transgenders - A neglected group in the healthcare
    Dr. Surya Ravindran  First prize IADVL – Telangana  2018 Comparative analysis of wrinkling in dermatological diseases
    Dr. Surya Ravindran  Winner IPCA quiz 2018  
    Dr. Surya Ravindran  Young dermatologist Thrissur Dermatology Club 2018